MLM Home Based Business – 5 Key Factors For Choosing The Best Network Marketing Opportunity

A mlm home based business has become the solution to millions of Americans that have been hit hard by the economy. Millions of corporate junkies who expected their jobs and 401K plans to take care of them received a very harsh awakening. Record unemployment and foreclosure rates have incited many to hunt for a Plan B to protect the future of their families. Indeed, a home based business is a very wise choice. When financial hot-shots like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki all support network marketing, you’d better take a listen and wake up and smell the coffee.But do you know what to look for in a home business opportunity or if you’re in one now, are you 100% sure it’s the right vehicle to help you reach your desired goals and dreams? I don’t want you spinning your wheels wasting time and money, so I’m gonna share with you 4 very critical factors to consider when choosing a mlm company.What Factors Make The Best MLM Home Based Business?FoundersDo they have a great reputation and solid experience? What makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest? How many years have they been in the industry? Ninety percent of mlm companies crash and burn within two years. The last thing you want to do is throw away your valuable time and money investing into a mlm company that won’t be here this same time next year.Financial BackingToo few people look into this. How does the company stand up in black and white on a financial sheet? Are they free from debt? Or do they have investors or backers? Are the reps paid on time? Really look at this as if you’re selecting a joint venture partner because, in essence you are.A Unique ProductI know a lot of people who joined a mlm home based business, myself included at one time, with juice and vitamin products or even weight loss garments and have not been able to keep recruits and truly duplicate their organization. That’s because people drop off like flies because they see no value in the product after a couple of months, therefore you can’t truly build residual income. Make sure you have a unique product and not a passing fad.Powerful Compensation PlanIn the past every innovative mlm company that changed the industry created a new way to pay people more money.Consider this..Is there a way for you to make upfront income and back-end residual income? Keyword being residual – as an after effect of activity by you or your team. The most lucrative plans that produce the largest income are binary and coded bonus plans. What would happen if you combined the two? More on that later…But wait, there’s one more thingThere’s another key ingredient to ponder when choosing the best home business opportunity. It’s like driving a vehicle with a V8 engine instead of a V6. Can you get there with a V6? Sure you can, but the V8 gives you a smoother ride with faster acceleration.The Right TimingHow many times have you heard that timing is everything? Ever wish you could’ve bought stock in Google or Apple computers when they started? Deep down, we all know the importance of being at the right place at the right time to seize a golden opportunity with the potential to change our lives. Encountering that very moment with the right mlm home based business will do just that.

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